All of a sudden everyone around me seems to be pregnant. Whether it's with baby number 1 or number 4, there truly seems to be a baby boom going on. The number one question first time parents (or those who haven't had a newborn for a long time) ask is always "what are the essential baby items?"

There is no end to the amount of baby paraphenalia you can acquire over the years but below is what what I believe to be a bare bones, essential list to get you through the first few months.

Top 10 Essential Baby Gear:

1. Diapers/cloth diapers (goes without saying, unless you are going to attempt having your baby diaper free)
2. Onesies and newborn gowns
3. Baby carrier
4. Infant car seat
5. Swaddling blankets & burp cloths
6. Baby hats (for baby to wear when only weeks old and especially when outside)
7. Bouncy chair (essential for sneaking in a shower here and there while still having baby close by!)
8. Bassinet, cradle, or co-sleeping bed
9. Breast pump
10. A nail file or infant nail clippers. Those little nails grow quickly and can be sharp!


What are the essential baby gear items on your list?