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I use my Snugglings sling all the time with Asher, he likes sitting in it looking out and often falls asleep in it. Its easy to use and really saved us when he was at an in between stage for the carrier we have, he still prefers the sling though.

Karen Taylor, Vancouver BC

The Snugglings pouch sling is a great carrier. The soft fleece is wonderful with a little give to make it easy to use and so snug and cozy for your newborn but not so stretchy that it gives too much to carry your three year old on your hip! You can easily tuck it in your bag or stroller to have on hand and it doubles nicely as a blanket or dry place to sit or lay baby. Getting the right shape is key in a pouch sling and snugglings has done it.

T. Frame,



Will fleece be too hot for my baby?
Snugglings microfleece slings can be comfortably worn year-round in temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius (or 78 Fahrenheit). Simply dress yourself and your baby according to the temperature. In warmer weather a simple cotton onesie on your baby will suffice. In cooler weather there is no need for bulky layers as your Snugglings sling will keep your baby cozy and warm. Fleece is the perfect material to keep your baby warm and snug and it's water repellant too! For hotter climates fleece slings are perfect for air-conditioned buildings. You know your baby best: with baby carriers it's important to always check to make sure that your little one is comfortable.

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Is there padding on the sling?
No. Our microfleece slings have just the right amount of stretch and are super soft so that there is no need for bulky padding rails as normally found on conventional cotton slings.

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How do I know if my sling is the correct size?
Please refer to our sizing chart in order to ensure that your Snugglings sling is the correct size for you. When your baby is in the sling the lowest part of your baby's body should rest somewhere between your navel and hip bone. If your baby is riding below your hip bone your sling is too big. If the lowest part of your baby's body is above your navel then your sling is probably too small. Your sling should feel comfortable and snug and NEVER tight or constricting.

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My baby fusses in the sling. What's wrong?
  • First make sure your baby is in an age appropriate position (see our wearing instructions page). Once a baby has control over their head they usually no longer enjoy the cradle position. They are probably ready for the Buddha Hold
  • Start walking around. Some babies initially fuss when placed in a carrier but soon calm down when they are in motion.
  • Make sure your sling is the correct size. Your baby should sit snuggly inside the sling but should never feel tight. Make sure the lowest part of your baby rests between your navel and hip bone.

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How do I choose the correct size while I'm pregnant?
Simple - just follow the instructions on our sizing chart. Instead of measuring your shoulder to hip length across the front of your body measure it diagonally across your back. If referencing your t-shirt size to help determine your sling size refer to your pre-pregnancy t-shirt size.

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What if my measurements fall between two sling sizes?
If your shoulder to hip measurement falls between two sizes then we suggest that you choose a sling size that corresponds to your t-shirt size. For women, if you are larger busted (D cup or larger) then choose the larger sling size.

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Why should I choose a pouch-style sling over other types of carriers?
Snugglings pouch-style baby slings are simply the easiest to use, very affordable and most convenient carriers around since you can use it from newborn to 35lbs. Our Snugglings slings are the most compact sling you'll every own - just roll it up and stuff it in your diaper bag when not wearing your baby, use as a blanket, or use it as a change pad when on the go. Plus each stylish design is limited to ensure that your sling remains as unique as your baby!

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What is RepreveTM eco microfleece?
Snugglings is proud to offer eco-slings and blankets made from RepreveTM recycled microfleece and organic cotton/bamboo. RepreveTM is a yarn made from 100% recycled materials. It uses post-consumer waste such as water and pop bottles, thereby diverting waste from the landfill. RepreveTM conserves resources because it offsets the need to use newly refined crude oil. On average, one pound of RepreveTM conserves the equivalent of 5 gallons of gasoline. You can visit the RepreveTM website for more information

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How do I care for my sling?
Simply wash in warm or cold water and tumble dry low. It's that simple!

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What are the benefits of babywearing?
Research has shown that babies who are carried:
  • Cry less
  • Bond better with parent
  • Feel more secure
Plus it's convenient! Wearing your baby makes your busy life easier. With a sling you can keep baby happy and still have a hand or two for yourself.

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