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I use my Snugglings sling all the time with Asher, he likes sitting in it looking out and often falls asleep in it. Its easy to use and really saved us when he was at an in between stage for the carrier we have, he still prefers the sling though.

Karen Taylor, Vancouver BC

The Snugglings pouch sling is a great carrier. The soft fleece is wonderful with a little give to make it easy to use and so snug and cozy for your newborn but not so stretchy that it gives too much to carry your three year old on your hip! You can easily tuck it in your bag or stroller to have on hand and it doubles nicely as a blanket or dry place to sit or lay baby. Getting the right shape is key in a pouch sling and snugglings has done it.

T. Frame,


Wearing Instructions

How to put on your Snugglings Pouch Baby Sling

1. Fold your sling in half to make a tube.

2. Look for the curved seam – that is where your baby will sit.

3. Put the sling over your head and rest it on the opposite shoulder like a sash. Make sure that the fabric of your sling is spread across the ball of your shoulder and flat across your back.

4. Position the curved seam directly under your breast. If using the Hip Hold position, the seam should be along the side of your body.

5. Baby sits between the two layers of fabric

6. Ensure that there is always fabric behind and in front of your baby. In addition, there will almost always be fabric between your baby and your body.

Remember – Baby's bum should be centered on the pouch seam

Cradle Hold - for wobbly-headed wee ones

(Newborn – 4 months)

Step 1

Fold the sling to make a little hammock. Position the sling's seam to align with your belly button.

Step 2

Slide the baby into the sling - bum first - into a cradle position.

Helpful hint: Pulling more fabric against the parent’s chest and/or moving the pouch seam slightly behind baby’s back can change the depth of the pouch.

Buddha Hold - for babes that like to watch the world go by

(3 months+)

Step 1

Line up the pouch seam with your belly button and hold baby facing outwards.

Step 2

Cross baby's legs and place him in the sling bum first.

Step 3

There should always be a side of the pouch between you and baby. The front of the pouch should be positioned high on their chest.

Helpful hint:Once baby is positioned in the sling, adjust the length by folding the top layer down over your shoulder.

Hip Hold - for the independent sitter

(5 months to toddler)

Step 1

Position the pouch seam along the side of your body. Lower baby into the pouch.

Step 2

Baby’s legs should be straddling your hip. Make sure that the curved seam is along baby's back.

Step 3

Pull fabric up over your baby's back. Baby’s bum should rest on the inner serged seam.

Helpful hint: Some babies like the fabric pulled over their shoulders—this works well for discrete nursing, too.


* Check your sling for wear and tear on a regular basis.

* When putting the baby in your Snugglings Pouch Baby Sling, always make sure that you are supporting your baby with at least one arm at all times until you are certain the sling is in place.

* Be sure to keep baby away from hot stoves, heaters, fireplaces or other hot or sharp objects. Pay attention to what your baby is doing at all times! Do not wear baby while cooking or working with sharp or hot objects.

* When bending down, bend at your knees and cradle your baby with your arm.

* Baby carriers are not substitutes for an approved car seat.


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