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I use my Snugglings sling all the time with Asher, he likes sitting in it looking out and often falls asleep in it. Its easy to use and really saved us when he was at an in between stage for the carrier we have, he still prefers the sling though.

Karen Taylor, Vancouver BC

The Snugglings pouch sling is a great carrier. The soft fleece is wonderful with a little give to make it easy to use and so snug and cozy for your newborn but not so stretchy that it gives too much to carry your three year old on your hip! You can easily tuck it in your bag or stroller to have on hand and it doubles nicely as a blanket or dry place to sit or lay baby. Getting the right shape is key in a pouch sling and snugglings has done it.

T. Frame,



Snugglings is proud to provide our payment facilities via PayPal Canada. We chose PayPal because it is the best option for us to be able to provide you, our customer, with the highest security for your online payments. PayPal is a pioneer in online payments, and have set the standard for fraud prevention by continuously developing and deploying a broad range of security measures that provide our customers (and us!) with the most peace of mind available on the market today.

PayPal's fraud prevention measures

PayPal's industry-leading loss rate is less than 0.5%. They keep buyers secure by the following means: 

Antifraud risk models. PayPal's highly sophisticated, proprietary fraud risk models help detect and predict fraudulent transactions – before they affect you. 

Industry-leading use of data encryption. PayPal uses data encryption more extensively than any financial services company. 

Safeguarding financial information. PayPal never shares your financial information with us, enabling our customers to feel more secure and confident when buying from 

Industry-standard services. PayPal uses industry-recognized Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC, also known as CVV2) to help protect against identity theft. 

Patent-pending Verification. PayPal employs proprietary bank account verification methods as an additional level of authentication for merchants and for customers paying through their system. 

Antifraud Team. PayPal has an antifraud team which is composed of over 2,000 specialists from around the world. This team works 24/7 to help keep your transactions safe and to ensure that all of our sensitive customer information remains private.

Click here to read more about PayPal's buyer protection features.


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