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I use my Snugglings sling all the time with Asher, he likes sitting in it looking out and often falls asleep in it. Its easy to use and really saved us when he was at an in between stage for the carrier we have, he still prefers the sling though.

Karen Taylor, Vancouver BC

The Snugglings pouch sling is a great carrier. The soft fleece is wonderful with a little give to make it easy to use and so snug and cozy for your newborn but not so stretchy that it gives too much to carry your three year old on your hip! You can easily tuck it in your bag or stroller to have on hand and it doubles nicely as a blanket or dry place to sit or lay baby. Getting the right shape is key in a pouch sling and snugglings has done it.

T. Frame,


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Sizing Chart

Pouch-style baby slings are only slightly adjustable and sized to fit you. Please refer to the sizing chart below in order to ensure that your pouch baby sling is an ideal fit. If you are pregnant please refer to your pre-pregnancy t-shirt size.

Sling Size Shoulder to Hip Measurement
(in inches)
T-shirt Size
Small 22”-23” XS-S
Medium 24” S-M
Large 25” M-L
Extra-Large 26” L-XL

How to Measure from Shoulder to Hip

With a measuring tape, measure from one shoulder diagonally across your chest to the top of your opposite hip bone. If you are pregnant measure diagonally across your back. If your hip to shoulder measurement falls between two sizes consider the smaller size.

Snugglings pouch baby slings are made of a slightly stretchier fabric so it should fit snugly when worn.

If you are not satisfied with the fit of your sling once you have received it we will be happy to exchange it for you. Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges policy for more details.